Prosecution/Portfolio Management

Although we handle a wide variety of litigation matters each year, at Holland Law, we know that intellectual property protection does not simply involve cease and desist letters and lawsuits.  Rather, it begins immediately when our clients create a new product, device, brand, book, song, or promotion.  We have the experience and are ready to assist you immediately at the drawing board stage of your development, regardless of your company’s size, or what industry or technology you are seeking to disrupt.

At Holland Law, we recognize that your intellectual property is your bread-and-butter; that’s why use our extensive litigation and negotiation experience to help our clients build and protect their portfolio assets.

Whether you need trademark or copyright prosecution, guidance in patent matters, or portfolio management, we will strive to maximize the value of your portfolio while minimizing its risk.  Please contact us to set up a free consultation to see how we might serve your needs.