Commercial Litigation

Every lawyer at Holland Law has an extensive history of accomplished trial experience and our customized approach is designed to meet the legal needs of your business.  We believe that thoughtful and focused preparation, combined with direct and frequent client interaction, are the cornerstones of every strong case.  We achieve positive results by efficiently preparing for trial at every phase of the case.

Our personalized services effectively assist both well-established industries and emerging market entities and startups.  To fully understand the intricacies of each case, we first focus on the nuances of our client’s business. That allows us to determine how the client’s goals and budgets for the dispute fit into their overall business model.  We welcome the challenge to expand our knowledge and we strive to provide each case with a plan and proposal that best fits our client’s needs.

Holland Law’s personalized service begins immediately at the intake meeting. We offer a free consultation for all incoming clients. We then provide litigation budgets and periodic budget updates as needed. Our vast experience has made us keenly aware that in many instances, litigation may not be a good business model for anyone except the lawyers involved, so we endeavor to provide transparency into all our work efforts on your behalf, while we also take into account all aspects of your business.  Ultimately we hope to be not only your counselors and advocates, but partners in the sense of helping you achieve your goals.

Quite frankly, we do not believe that you will find another law firm capable of providing the combination of personalized service and litigation experience at the rate structures that Holland Law offers.  Whether you select our reasonable hourly rates or an alternative billing structure, we are amenable to finding creative solutions to your legal needs and your concerns about litigation costs as well.  (Where appropriate, we will consider flat rates, flat rates by phase, capped phases, success bonuses and incentives, and other non-standard fee arrangements.)

So whatever commercial dispute you may find yourself in–whether you have been wrongfully accused of not adhering to an agreement, or if someone has defrauded you or your business, or if you simply need to get someone to live up to their end of a commercial transaction–the lawyers at Holland Law are here to help you resolve your issues efficiently and cost-effectively.  Despite our boutique structure, the scalable services offered by our firm allow us to handle matters of any size and successfully defend your company against any adversary or issue you may face, regardless of their size.