Unlike other firms, the professionals at Holland Law recognize that not only is the intellectual property yours, but the transactions surrounding it as well.  For that reason, even in highly technical documents and industries, we try to utilize straightforward, plain English language whenever possible, and avoid the “lawyerese” that so often leads to confusion and disputes.

Thus, as with all other areas of our practice, we strive to remove the “black box” aspect from the law and educate our clients on the legal aspects of their business, including the use of certain language to maximize protection of their rights, and how a counterparty’s proposal might affect the bottom line.  Universally Holland Law clients commend us for the frequency and clarity of our communications.

Our extensive litigation experience makes us uniquely situated to provide counseling, negotiation, and drafting for your intellectual property transactions.  That is because we take into account not only the terms of the current transaction, but also how other lawyers in the future might attempt to misconstrue those terms to create disputes where none should exist.

We want to be counselors and advocates for your business, as well as partners in helping you achieve your goals.  Let the experienced lawyers at Holland Law help you reach an outstanding IP transactional result.