Intellectual Property Litigation

The attorneys at Holland Law collectively have participated in hundreds of lawsuits, including jury and bench trials to verdict, arbitrations, and other proceedings.  As a result of our many years of experience, we recognize that in many instances, litigation may not be a good business model for anyone except lawyers.

But, when you need to defend yourself against an unprovoked claim, or stop a competitor from infringing on your intellectual property rights, Holland Law has the skills and client-centered approach to provide you the best opportunity for success without wasting time and money. Whether your ultimate goal is a courtroom victory, or a reasonable and creative settlement, Holland Law will present you with options that best suit your situation.

Our lawyers are well versed in IP litigation and have the technical acumen to prepare a complex case for trial. Having multiple engineers, patent attorneys, and other technology lawyers on our team, coupled with our years of successful representation of many Silicon Valley tech innovators and other companies around the globe, gives us an edge over other litigators. Part of Holland Law’s success is based on its professionals’ ability to translate complicated technology and arguments into a compelling, easily understood narrative that resonates with the judge and jury.

Very simply, you will not find another law firm with the personalized service and intellectual property litigation experience at the rate structures that Holland Law offers.

Whether you prefer our reasonable hourly rates or an alternative billing structure, we are amenable to finding creative solutions for your legal needs, and your concerns about litigation costs. Where appropriate, Holland Law will consider flat rates, flat rates by phase, capped phases, success bonuses and incentives, and other non-standard fee arrangements.  We offer a free consultation for all incoming new clients, and we provide litigation budgets, with budget updates at reasonable intervals as merited by the particular case and client needs.

Our vast network of trusted, professional colleagues, and our resulting scalable services, allow us to confidently take on any opponent and accommodate the legal needs of any sized case or business—from Fortune 500 companies to individual proprietorships.