Contract Drafting & Negotiation

The lawyers at Holland Law have significant experience in a variety of business negotiations and contract preparations, ranging from licensing and other attempts to avoid litigation, to a myriad number of diverse business transactions, including vendor, distributor, and sales agreements, brand acquisition documents, and executive transition/compensation packages.

As with all other areas of our practice, we want to act not simply as counselors and advocates for your business–we want you to view us as a partner in helping you achieve your goals.  We will focus on your needs, including writing straightforward documents without the proverbial “lawyerese” that so often leads to confusion and disputes.

Because of Holland Law’s extensive litigation experience, we are uniquely situated to provide you with counseling, negotiation, and drafting services which take into account not simply the terms of the transaction in question, but also how other lawyers in the future might attempt to misconstrue those terms to create disputes where none should exist.

Whether through direct involvement in the negotiations, or via background consultation and drafting, Holland Law helps clients obtain outstanding results in their business dealings.  Let us help you with yours.